Discover our different realizations spread over 4 major sectors of activity

Engineering and industry

Cervval’s main simulation and digital twin projects have long focused on engineering, particularly in the study phase to support the design and optimization of procedures. Engineering and industry then saw interest in the infrastructure operation phase (monitoring, maintenance) and today throughout the life cycle in the context of digital transformation and industry 4.0.
TechnipFMC in particular is a long-standing client of Cervval, who understood very early (in 2008) the benefits and challenges of simulation for the design of oil platforms, ships and pipe-laying operations.


The sciences whatever they are are complex phenomena, made up of numerous parameters in interactions and evolutions, which lend themselves well to the multi-agent approach to study them, to model them, and to simulate their functioning.
Cervval has in particular developed digital twins in the field of biology, medicine, life and earth sciences ...

Modeling of virtual worlds

The technologies developed by CERVVAL make it possible to populate a virtual environment with autonomous and intelligent entities, and to reproduce their interactions in a realistic and credible manner. The originality of this type of simulator is that it reproduces the unpredictable and varied nature of reality, taking into account possible behavioral errors when carrying out a procedure. The artificial intelligence thus developed even allows virtual entities to independently catch up on their mistakes in order to achieve their goal.
Cervval has in particular developed solutions for virtual tours, the simulation of human behavior and road traffic.

Training, Serious Game

In the field of training, Cervval realizes Serious Games integrating dynamic and realistic simulation of environments, systems, phenomena allowing learners to visualize and interact and understand their errors and the consequences of their choices.
Cervval has in particular developed applications for the training of doctors, biologists, for evacuation procedures ...
In the field of leisure, Cervval has developed applications such as cultural video games and entertainment with motion recognition devices (based on Kinect).

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